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When a belt is too tight and it rains outside, there is unlikely to be a connection between the two situations.

When the sea provides a plentiful catch for fisherman there may be no connection with the recent storm at sea.

When you speak to anyone, there is always a connection.

When you discuss a project with anyone, there is always a connection.

The degree of connection? Of course it varies…

But human life is intertwined with “connecting”.

I think that’s wonderful and I hope you do too.

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There can seem to be a pull in two directions over being pleasant and yet by doing so bringing attention to a niggling question.

If someone wants something you do not wish to offer them, yet they have given you a gift, then if you say thank you for the gift might it be a reminder of that other thing they want!?

Treat the two as independent, separate issues. Two conversations to be had on two different days.

But also consider, it is not always necessary to say thank you. It is just a wonderful thing to do every time it is appropriate.

The real answer is to consider how you will feel. If you are honest with yourself about that, you have the answer!

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Bring home the bacon.

But if we bring home the tofu is it the same?

Or if we get a credit to ride instead of a ticket, will that do?

Can a coin tossed into your local fountain bring the luck of the Martians or will you win the trip to Taormina?

Can you predict the future while riding a bicycle and reciting a poem?

Are we there yet?

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