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If a tree typed letters and a desk grew flowers, we would need to re-arrange offices.

If an email came with a scent and a web browser transported you to the place you were looking, at we might feel elated.

There may be a good time to look at cars boats and bicycles differently.

Now, check your footing!

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It’s not so much a great thing to doubt what you hear, see and read. But of course asking good questions is intelligent.

What is most useful is creating your own ideas. Ideas, causes and reasons not mentioned in the news.

See what is unseen.

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Some nights are for singing. Others are for dancing. Then there are the eve’s of contemplation and silent conversations which need no words.

A book unread, a page unturned.

Streets of ideas and avenues of energy.

A thought of “image-thoughts” – that’s what I give you this morning.

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