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It’s rarely as far as you think.

The trip which you need to take usually seems like it will take longer than the trip you’d like to take.

Empirically it is most often the other way round.

If you take the cog-in-the-wheel journey as an adventure, a mock-sociological experiment, it will flow and seem quicker.

This is not self-help, but it is helping yourself.

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They were sweeping the street.

The coin shined in the moonlight.

A song was being played on an old radio, the song was old too.

A sign of the times was thought to be the cigarette advertisement that had stopped being illuminated decades ago.

Another sign was the lack of conversation about politics and the numbers learning to play guitar.

Take five.

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The nerve center of the world.

The splash of water was awakening.

The fall massive.

The time it took to fall from stream to gushing shower of the gods, endless and sufficient to remember the flight number.

Travel can still be an unknown frontier if you open it up!

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Dissuaded from an urge to cause the crumbling of walls.

Reminded of the good that could be said, done or promoted.

A tale of tall order became the day’s benign starting pistol.

Two Gargolanta-speaking visitors said their hellos ( “trubblati” in Gargolantian dialects spoken in the main cities).

The ice was melting in the drinks by the time the speech ended.

But the ice cream was served at just the right temperature.

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We are eight days from the swan festival.

They will swim along the roads, and the trucks will park and rest.

There are more ways to skin a mango than are sold at the kitchen shop.

The kitchen sink?

A different matter, for a whole group of qualified engineers.

Now, the cashiers have PHD’s and the dogs are veterinarians.

The police are wrapping gifts and singing carols, blues songs and learning to waltz.

We are no more surprised than our grandparents were when science fiction became mainstream.

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