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If they do not speak clearly, teach them to speak. 

But when learning a new language, first understand, then teach.

Specialists can be helped by teaching them something other than the one subject they know about Perhaps how to tie their shoelaces is a good start!

We are not trying to be clear, we are just going  to enjoy the day.

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Reasoning, raining and relaxing.

Thought, climate and state.

We are a combination lock of possibilities with several numbers, not just one, which will open the lock.

Before sunset, eat well and eat less than yesterday unless that was not enough for finest health.

Make a smile happen!

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Do that! Singing and gyrating to a new trombone symphony, they approved my grand idea.

No restrictions, no agreements, no licences and no limits.

But where to start applying it?

Travel and catering I decided were the great open markets in need of my new philosophy.

Those and of course, you probably guessed, education.

You have all, now, graduated. And you always had.

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It was an enormous bright blue rubber band.

Twisted two hundred and eleven times, it propelled the model airplane across the fields towards the hillside villages.

The passengers always enjoyed the flights. 

No peanuts were served, but people talked with each other.

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There was a choice of three eggs or a suitcase.


Only if this is not the daily norm. 

For me two apples or a cargo trunk was really unusual and that’s what the dentist offers with each filling.

But enough of this nonsense, the stock market we have decided, is impossible to predict when you most need to predict it.

Now that’s the conversation we were trained to start.

Time to break the chains.

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