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How many things do you find you know, but if you think about how, when or where you learnt them there seems to be no explanation, no moment at which you gained that knowledge?

We learn every day.

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By the bridge, beside the river, under the trees.

We sat, sipped coffee, drank wine.

Two cats pawed their way towards our table. They continued along the road, pausing to investigate imaginary mice.

A singer offered a song.

A poet danced with words.

A dimension was revealed, beyond all others.

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Up to the next number, there is an easy climb.

Then, you get to twenty.

It’s the twenty marker that show’s you’ve come a long way.

Suddenly it seems harder, in that moment you think about the idea of “a long way”. So the next distance to the twenty-one marker, seems to take a nuclear effort.

Consider: Don’t count everything! The journey will definitely be more enjoyable.

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