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Never before, never again.

Finality and frailty.

In full bloom.

Weave the threads of time between the rocks of alabaster faces.

A spark ignites a ray of light.

A scene, a meaning full and bright.

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Valuable ways of communicating ideas include storytelling and dramatic performances.


Try it.

You have, everyone has, stories.

Dry facts (or cement powder) may be needed to build a house. The story behind the decision, the adventures on the way to digging the foundations and your own feelings and observations are much more interesting to a bystander, than the proportions and dimensions.

We do want to know what you see, how you feel. Not your waist measurement and hat size!

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The sun felt its way across the wooden desk, adding to the years of fading varnish.

High above, a glider silently cut through a cloud as if dividing up a pizza into equal portions.

Below the balcony, children stood with one leg on the ground and the other propped against the wall of the building.

At the local bar two strangers had got into a conversation about politics, jobs and travel.

The noise was bearable, the temperature supportive and the light encouraging.

Three people decided that they would decide the future. The future of their country and its children. Lucky for the country these three, the only ones to move from conversation to action, were wise and benevolent.

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