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Tasting the rain in their pockets, they made their way to the cabin.

Perched high above the chimneys and slightly tilting, they were never more cheerful than when wood fires burned below. 

Looking out at the games being played beneath them, they threw papier mache greetings towards the valleys and streets. 

A paper airplane arrived with an invitation. A strategy conference was being held in the mountains.

They accepted.

Who are they?

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Overall we are all stars and fabulous celebrities. 

There are about twenty unknown people in the world and we’re always trying to find them.

They are experts in concealment and disguise. 

This is the new reality. And in fact it’s the “new old” – nothing new, just newly noted.  

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There is no doubt that freshly prepared cake mix is tempting when one is a child.

It seems more delicious than the resulting, baked cake.

Why not offer it as dessert.

Put it on the menu.

Become famous for raw cakes!

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