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Sitting or standing?

Propped against the wall like an old hunter’s rifle, they watched the group sitting cross-legged by the fountain.

The grinding sound was a fresh blend of coffee being prepared from the first crop ever grown in Iceland. Grown in a cafe humidor – a massive glass dome inside which was a mild and breezy semi-tropical climate.

In these days rice was as likely to grow in New York as on the rice terraces of Banaue or the southern provinces. 

Flexibility is not only about stretching and exercising muscles, it is about thought and flexing the thinking spheres. 

After the rice dish they had coffee.

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Almost good and the sun rose. 

Wanted the best, trying for that ethereal perfection that floats atop mystic mountains on misty days full of dripping mystery.

Move us. Transport us with your stories of a life lived on the way to here, to this place,  this morning.

When the egg is boiled and the carrots no longer conceal the key to golden roads and twisted chocolates, we are all complete.

One task. One victory. Immense satisfaction.

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Infuriating. But then, it really wasn’t. Laughter instead. 

The bathrooms were scented with spring flowers from Vermont. 

The tables were decorated with vases from Venice, Italy – not Venice in California (even though they do have vases!). 

Sometimes the sub heading makes more of the title than anything you could imagine.

Oh, I’m so sorry, not more than anything you could imagine….but you know what I mean. 

Let’s meet for a Jamaican coffee and a Viennese pastry (gluten-free), later?

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They traveled from New York and sat together in the garden.

The semi-finals of a non-aligned contact sport normally played only in parts of Nototia, was progressing on a ski slope – but this was the middle of summer. No snow.

A twisted carbon atom structure was playing in the breath-taking hot breeze.

Welding of long lost connections helped renew acquaintanceships.

Everything is ours by right – according to a universal majority vote.

Everything can be a right, but rights do not cause anything to be produced until some effort is exerted.

The apple fell from the purple tree, then rolled for a moment and later glowed with gratitude and appreciation.

How often things seemed gentle, soft and agreeable. The children said it all lacked any excitement. But, they sang excitedly.


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There were hundreds of people in front of us. It seemed unlikely that’s how they saw where they were.

We stopped, turned around, had a moment to turn bandanas into suavely tilted scarves, and walked with large steps into the tulip fields.

Three books later we wrote songs, painted buildings in bright colors and healed the breathing beauties.

Time was then, this is now and all the forward stuff is a dream to be delivered by 10 in the morning. 


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