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Work can never be boring – if you become proud of how clean and glistening the toilet you clean, becomes.

Later, there may be a palace to clean, or a golden statue to polish.

But the aim is the same.

Later, you may employ a thousand people to scale tall buildings, to clean their windows.

The aim, is after all the same, a clean, glistening sheen.

A thought for the day.

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On selecting prizes for the day.

What will help relive the good experience,the feelings, senses, emotions – that’s a good choice.

What will inspire new experiences, feelings, senses and emotions – also good.

Combining the two is truly wonderful.

Good and good to come.

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Fine lines, thin beans and big nutrition.

The magic potion, the secret pill, eternal life and an energy boost to boot.

All will come along. Soon enough? I don’t know, we’ll see. But they are all in the pipeline.

Plan and create a future, the more absolutely big, ambitious and awe inspiring the better.

Mega ideas and full exuberant expression – the winning way.

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