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Speaking a new language as you learn it, creates great opportunities for funny moments, blunders and faux pas.

Not to worry, this is one of the great excuses for adopting, necessarily, a child-like manner expressed with the utterance of fantasy-like phrases (errors) and the most banal comments. But this is a road you must travel to learn to speak and communicate.

It’s also more often than not, charming to the person you are speaking with.


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“How does an octopus reach out?” asked the marketing director.

“In oh, so many ways” said the statistical analyst.

What’s the likelihood of finding a seafood restaurant in a forest?

How many times does a toe have to touch water to test the temperature?

So many things can be measured and some cannot.

So how do we “rate” the unquantifiable?

And, how should we look at a painting?

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Three people, Chopin, Lennon and Beyonce, walk into a bar in an obscure village in eastern Mexico.

What happens next is anybody’s guess.


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