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There are two ways the day could have started, both were good.

The cat had scratched at the front door as usual. The dog had fetched his biscuits from the cupboard.

And there was a brand new pathway which looked like a squiggle, winding its way up from the track to the entrance.

Sam was walking towards the house. 

A person of great merriment.

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The swan knows the person she will meet on the river.

In graceful certainty.

It may seem that those most poised and composed are aware of little that goes on around them.

Not so. 

Such composure is the result of being aware of everything in the local scene.

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“Upstairs” he said, “plenty of room upstairs”.

It turns out that our limousine driver had been a London bus conductor in the 1980’s and he occasionally forgets that he is now driving a stretched Mercedes 500, not selling people tickets on a London Routemaster bus. 

Old habits. 

New luxuries.

The connections.

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