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Tough as can be. Sensitive to the elements.

That balance, the wholistic personality of threading a needle. 

The bright ring of a cash register before it becomes history. 

We understand the new better than the old, and that is unsurprising.

What is surprising, is that it is a surprise when true understanding is apparent.

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The wheels were enormous. So big you had to stand half a mile away to see the top.

These wheels seemed to be, to represent, the turning point of reality, wit and wisdom. Some said they were just sculptures and nothing more.

They were even, rolling over the roughest surface, as a giant wheel would be. 

Songs were written about them. Tourists flocked to photograph them. 

Rarely did anyone ask how they came to be in the middle of the stadium. 

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Climbing a steep hill seemed easy until they looked at the steps.

Before you take the marmalade, ask if the day will be dry. 

Afternoon is the best time to forget the milk.

Swimming is recommended when the sea is calm and the water is warm. 


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If told it is limited, create a new unlimited.

We say, go do and increase.

Perform live and with all the energy and enthusiasm you didn’t know you had. 

Do it for yourself.

Who else?

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Tender leaves of baby spinach and a small banana grown on the south of the island.

The train was pleasingly late and disappointingly early. 

Two children gazed at the passing houses,

An elephant looked at the train as if inspecting the color of the paintwork.

Only a few people were in a hurry. The others would be happy for the journey to take as long as possible. 

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