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The journey from a recent rendezvous, the catching up with friends, to one’s home, is to me, as welcome as it is unwelcome. Usually unwelcome…who wants to leave a good thing?

But somehow we think we must get on with things and indeed we decide, we must.

Nothing wrong with the choice…but the next time I do this I will avoid it being, or avoid using, the word “must” and make sure it is a choice…”I choose”.

Most important is my intent, my feeling, of course. But it is surprising how choosing words can actually make the action a choice and not a duty.

Aha! Grasshopper teaches the master.

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The photograph taken many years before, included people who’d almost leaked out of memory.

The images refreshed the feeling that life’s varied events contributed to this day, these months, years and the fame she now enjoyed.

Enjoy it she did. Not a moment went by when a camera was not sought and found, held by a keen press photographer.

But more important, was her unique description of each picture.

History is something lived, made, remembered, told, invented.

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The doors open inwards they said.

Significant improvements have been made to the rooms.

The hotels in this district invite all guests to bring their own food.

Luxury is sometimes to be encouraged.

We jest!

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