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The expletive does not change the absurdity, transgression or mishap. 

A new approach, an inspired smiling venturing into the unknown will do the trick.

A fountain is an unnecessary invention that is essential to much of the art and architecture we travel thousands of miles to see. 

Experience is everything and in the near future a book title such as “The physics of experience” will be commonplace.

We are moving beyond the commonplace of now, to the new common understandings, a hallmark of our future.

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They say it is what it is.


You will be able to do better even without changing a thing.


Because you decide upon it. 

One day we will all learn that our decisions have and defining detrmination has, more power than a sharp knife, an explosive force or a solar flare.

Shine forth with what you define.

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The view is everything.

So is your view. 

We can see for miles on a clear day and imagine what is there when mists confuse reality. 

Fog, clarity and brighness. 

Send radiant waves of heartfelt vistas as a gift to those in need, and they will be free. 

But always put your mask on first!

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Segments and circles.

What can we imagine from these descriptions of things, stuff, items, shape or volume?

A designer may immediately think of graphs and pie charts or for that matter so might a statistician.

The point is, that a suggestive heading, a picture description, at the beginning, gives cause for curiosity to be aroused.

I’ll preface the next standard comment with a non-standard intro. It’s like adding seasoning to mashed potatoes.

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Days of varnish and printed paper.

The news washed down the street like a soggy newspaper. 

Green streaks of sports reports, red realms of international debt restructuring and orange auras of art reviews. 

The chairs outside the cafe looked new, lacquered the day before and ready for people to exclaim about their philosophies of politics, society and love.

It could have been Paris.

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