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There were said to be only 1900 people who could count from one to a million without making an error, in a single sitting.

Josh played violin and the girls played guitar and oboe.

Sensory perception.

Your observation skills will now improve to a higher level than you have known.

Listen here.

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We are gathered here today to examine disparate disparities and the laws of civil discourse.

Who said it was going to be easy?

“Easy” never gives you that great feeling of passing the finishing post when you succeed. 

We are here to find the really tricky, physically massive or mind-bogglingly hard tasks and goals.

Or, buy an ice cream and give it to a stranger, with instructions to eat it slowly.

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Sensory Deprivation and the Gelly Monkeys.

It was the story they all requested at bedtime.

In fact the sad thing was that those who never had it read to them – they never slept much. 

The good thing was that the government distributed free copies of “Sensory…” and everyone could read it last thing at night, if they chose to.

I think there is an opening for a new story!

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Differential clouds and metabolic lingerie.

There was no rhyme or reason, well certainly no rhyme, to the decisions made at XxCorp.

Custom made ballpoint pens that looked exactly like two dollar disposable versions were offered monogrammed and in a chosen valuable metal for 200 to 2000 dollars or 1700 English pounds, if you want to know.

Don’t rush, just listen today, the things that matter will appear between meetings rather than in them.

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Dillon’s was a very fine place. White linen tablecloths and sun-reflecting sparkling silverware.

Osborne’s, down the street was more popular. Sticky seats and spilled drinks.

Boswacks served a chilled coffee parfait that singled it out among unhealthy but pleasurable non-food consumables outlets.

Is this a corporate report? Or, a travel guide? 

Sometimes it is really hard to tell which is which. 

We will improve my friends.

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