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What form of life exists on planets other than our own familiar one is still a subject of speculation.

Have you thought, this morning, of picking an area you have paid no attention to for a long time and speculating upon it?. Pondering the most unlikely possibilities in connection with this area, is a good exercise for the active mind and perhaps a tool for finding new roads to travel, new worlds to greet.

Better than the lure of so called “problems”.

Wash and dry.

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You don’t need to read a book about learning to say “No” and you don’t need to read a book about learning to say “Yes”.

Saying yes to opportunities and adventures which may offer much learning is good.

Saying no to situations that are not good for you, whether directly harmful or exploiting senses of obligation or guilt, is always an option and often wise.

The rest you can imagine, and spend time with a better book!

Now that really is Self Help!

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A few eggs can be used to make a perfect, soft and moist omelette.

One flower and some ferns can fill a vase.

Two candlesticks can light a room dimly.

But if the candlesticks are large and hold many candles things are no longer dim.

Bright and tasty and colorful.

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