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Very abstract.

Define and defy.

Stronger, but not so fevered.



Brilliantly considered.

We learnt how to combine the elements.

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The button was hanging on by one thread and a lot of hope.

Three days in a row, there had been noise,  colorful dust in the air and strange music which repeated every 3 hours and 27 minutes. 

Doors were open all day and night. 

Windows were made of a glass which illuminated itself at night. 

Dancers bargained for tickets for an opportunity to sit in the audience.

How fine it was.

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Lovely are the days when so much is achieved, that all of history so far seems as nothing in comparison!

Key is a worthwhile project.

What is a worthwhile project?

Hmmm! It is anything you decide, really decide concretely, to do.

No ifs, buts or melting ice cubes.

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Such foolishness.

One had a cigarette holder, but nothing to smoke. 

The other had a fork and no plate to test it on. 

The cars were for sale in neat rows, but there were no roads.

We were puzzled.

Was this a series of opportunities or a new way of life?

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Those seeds are good. Super-power food. 

Do the “Super-Powers” eat?

Does a country think?

Do people make treaties?

Are we about to realize?

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