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Have you got, can you say, is it really true?

The whites are a’spinin’ and the delicates too, did you separate the cottons from the wool ones, through and through. 

If I say high, you say low,  We got some money but we ‘ain’t got the dough. 

Sing one for me and make me free.

They said, son there’s your food, it’s just hangin’ from the tree. 

One day I went with the big daddy, he took us all on a trip to the big blue sea. 

We swam, we sang and made two and three. 

Never laughed, never cried, just tried to be.

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Some moves are made for chess, other moves are made for life.

When all has been tried, to the finite degree, then the next move should be off the board. 

There are times when the next corner is best replaced with the next county, the next state, the next arena.

Play well. Playing is what is good…and choose the game, or even, create it!

The score is always good.

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Distributing chocolate aircraft.

No runways, they melted years ago. 

The terminal buildings made from nougat and marzipan.

These were the toys that built a generation of airlines. 

Swift and gentle greetings.

We have achieved the balance we sought.

Grown up and covered with velvet, we enter the ballrooms of the world, ready for the swirl of music and well-practiced steps.

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Working during the holidays.

What a great opportunity it turned out to be!

The small team, just the five of us, did the varied tasks that thirty had hauled away each day before most set off for dream vacations or family visits. (sometimes these are the same thing, I know!)

We became better acquaintances, sometimes better friends. 

We all found the challenge embraced every thought and concentrated task-muscle we had…all day every day.

We went home tired as if after a long exploration of a mountainside path by foot. A sweet tiredness, fulfilled and nourished by doing.

A sweet sleep followed.

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Purse and cart.

We hold on to some things to get to other places .

So sayeth the sayer.

We are here today in front of the green door. We have no idea why it is green, just that it is a rich fertile lively color. 

I am patient with the others and they with me.

We wait for an elderly lady who looks like a fit 100 year old, because she projects that kind soft wisdom that we like – rightly or wrongly – to associate with people who are the age but look younger by far. 

There is a sparkle in our eyes. Most of the time.

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