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Cleaning up the muck.

You are never stuck.

Permanently flowing and floating in luck.

Here stops the buck. 

Yes. Quite right. Don’t give any truck.

Passing clouds. 

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Please remain seated 

They stood up and walked out into the crisp, clear air.

Outside the scents of ripe fruit and fragrant flowers alternated with that of ginger biscuits baking. 

The children played sophisticated tunes.

The older people talked about local politicians. 

Then, the new apostles of logic and reason, they told jokes.

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When they are coming towards you, greet them.

An old Texas saying says the same thing, but hardly anyone remembers it now.

The days of summer flowers and hay have come and gone for centuries.

Time to go for a swim, or to learn how.

Doing and learning.

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Harmonists and hedonists. 

Over the towers of truth, lay the fields of discovery.

There is right and there is wrong.

No. You do not have to and nor should you wait to be told.

You know best and you know the rest.

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They went ahead anyway.

Two sides of the triangle were lined with platinum, the third with Perspex.

You could see in from that third side and view anyone walking within. 

The town centre was unusual.

It’s where they met every Tuesday evening.

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