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The announcer shouts into his microphone, enthused by the success he sees on the sports field.

The crowd stands, waves their arms, sings and hugs one another.

It has taken years of practice, training, straining and trying to improve.

The new champions are generous in congratulating their opponents.

The most popular colours are new ones and some are secretly discarding the old scarves of former victories.

People are celebrating or planning a come-back, depending on who they support.

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If it’s boring it needs to be re-shaped, rewritten or revised. It can’t be serving it’s purpose very well.

Routines can be turned into a game and repetitive actions turned into a competition.

Some things can be removed from the calendar altogether.

There are many ways we can act as touchpaper for terrific revamps of routine stuff.

So boredom is like a traffic signal, when it goes green move forward, turn or change drivers.

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Sorting through all that information.

Gems are hidden deep underground.

It is well worth spending time finding good sources of information, inspiring providers of ideas and fresh analysis.

Best way is to do this aggressively and quickly – it’s really an editing job, what you cut out is still there if you ever really need it.

It’s similar to eating good food, you can leave the pickled chocolates in the jar just in case, then throw them out when you find them a year later!

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