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Quantum particles and the overreaction of molecular sunscreen scavenging genetic variation and empathy in squirrels.

Say, What?

That’s the normal reaction and, it is a good one.

The sentence is nonsense even if it could for a moment be confused with a super intelligent in-depth study and the recent paper published by a distinguished researcher.

Science, bioscience, physics, and studies of particles, new materials, and genetics are all valuable. Science is good. Research is golden or can be.

We say “Be unimpressed with the lack of a simple explanation”.

However, as the title of a song, well ok….not good for a chart-topping hit.

Yet, you never know. Oh, sincere apologies, of course, you do!


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Above the forest treeline emotions were fevered and high. 

Some people in the picnic grounds were high, but not fevered. 

The legalization of trees had changed the world, which was now green.

A prince, a princess and a priest walked the aisles of the biggest supermarket and all three wheeled giant carts, filling them with bags of popcorn and organic pretzels. 

If we gave you the latitude, could you deduce the longitude from this information and then charter a camel to home in on the location?

You are good!

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The day started with a dawn chorus. 

Of course you might say, how can it be otherwise?

Presuming the obvious is easy, but expecting the unobvious is beneficial. 

It is the flexing of the expectation muscle, the permission for new things. 

Even….a new dawn.

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Be there in the morning.

What’s for breakfast?

No toast got no show and the eggs are late a’hatchin’.

We, are in the deep country. Some people are set on talking about the Deep State, we think Deep Country is much more finger-lickin’ fun. 

Got pickup, got go, there is music at the show. 

This makes no sense they say. Sometimes a tickle to the underside of the innovation bone, the caressing of the creative surface is all that’s needed. No need to explain.


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Defining a word that you just invented.

Jargon or common usage? 

We are thinking about Jon Steinbeck, the buses, the mice, and a sense of forboding prefacing the arrival in Eden.

For some things, to truly understand them, you just have to read the book. 

And for some things you have to be there. 

We all have our own “theres”. 

What a relief.

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