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There were hundreds of people in front of us. It seemed unlikely that’s how they saw where they were.

We stopped, turned around, had a moment to turn bandanas into suavely tilted scarves, and walked with large steps into the tulip fields.

Three books later we wrote songs, painted buildings in bright colors and healed the breathing beauties.

Time was then, this is now and all the forward stuff is a dream to be delivered by 10 in the morning. 


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We could see just three yards or meters in front of us.

Sometimes the far view is not important.

While visibility is poor we can knit, crochet, cook, think, relax, zone in, zone out, sing, meditate, read.

That view of the distant horizon, of the rock outcrop, the banana tree, Frank hanging out his laundry to dry, of Mrs. Perkins driving her convertible, of the shy first words between Hester and Shirley – that view, can be such a fascinating distraction.

We can benefit from an occasional glimpse of the abstract, leave the figures a’counting and leave the angles protracting.

A compass is not so helpful when you are sitting in a chair with no journey planned.

Yet compasses can make good gifts.


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Floating on a rippling sheet of polished copper, they considered the options, and then created more.

The selection was so vast and full of newly inspired items, notions, potions, ideas and whimsies – all were available. 

Now. Let us be serious.

Before we start in to the vortex of virtue, laughing again. 

The comedy club is everywhere.

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Even if they don’t. We should. 

Be better.

Do better.


Nothing beats aiming high, except if the whole idea needs to remain “under the wire”. And what shabby shift would that be?

Delight is what we aim for when we bake a cake. The list of ingredients, well that can wait!

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Two chairs and two cares.

When we sat down to talk, we were smiling and ready to receive, create, resolve and solve.

The light was purple along a hazy horizon.

Art sprang from trees like spaghetti from a pasta chef.

We met for the first time ten years before this moment.

So friends were made, and friends we were and still are.

Pasta and art are a good mix. Add your own.

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