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You could have walked, they could have applauded, we could have smiled.

Now you can. The coast is clear, the road is empty, the booth is free.

The landscape is as good a match for your intentions as your best fitting shoes are a good fit.

Yes, that landscape. And that.

If the potter becomes an electrician and the jeweller becomes a baker, what should the engineer do? 




The rising sun is your friend.

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When the light slides across the water like an endless painting.

At times the party is not the thing.

The moment, the setting and the experience are all, are everything. 

Being present is usually good, sometimes you are the only one. 

Our impression is true.

And the moon is a balloon!

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You get 29.

Prices quoted just under the next full 10 units, or just over 9.99, do seem lower even if one knows the trick and thinks about it when paying for something. 

That is until you get into the tens of millions, or so you would think. 

But 59 million seems a planet’s circumference less than 60 million. 

And at 39 years old many do not wish to “be” 40, but certainly wish to “get there”. 

When all 2999 subscribers read one’s daily missive, getting one more to reach 3000 seems like cause for celebration. 

That’s all.

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First they had the fabricated scandal and then law and order. 

In the gallery they showed arguments for scientific principals and sketches or abstract art images for political proposals. 

If the grass is greener…how green can it get, you may ask.

If you and me are meant to be, there is nothing to conclude…it just is so. 

We are the champions, the artists, the leaders, the passengers, the clients and audience all combined. 

There are few real lines, barriers or limits. 

We are the experts and so are they. 

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The art of slow movement and fast progress.

Deliberation (quickly!).



Test the temperature.

A warm wind wills wonders.


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