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Archives for April 2017


They drew straight lines across the sky and down into the sea. 

We are tightening the ropes as we speak to the new agents of change. 

Somewhere, and we really are looking, they found a way to turn gold into water and rice into silk. 

They. We need not know or concern ourselves who they are. And that is because we too are alive, thinking, functioning beings. 

We will bring ecstatic plenty to your table. 

Pick up a fork. And be your better you for better always. Hmmm.

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Trace elements of laughter, guffaws and chuckles. 

Plentiful supplies were shipped from the east and the north. We wonder what happend to the south and the west. 

Somebody opened a can of wonder-fruit schnitzel juice as a treat.

We saw further than ever before. 

We saw beyond…..


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Before the sun sinks too far – we do not wish it to drown – we want to say a few words

– do not doubt that you have created conditions under which we have met the greatest of people, wonderful and fine and joyful

– we have not yet learnt to produce the symphony of light and heat you offer

– even when cruel and burning we see beauty in hallucination at the time, and cooling later

Rise again you scatterer of night and new chance for brave knights!

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Science has the answers….a nonsensical statement. Within the knowledge of science answers can be found to everything known within science so far.

Science is not a person, a library, a thing, it is a huddle of items of knowledge in the world.

Does science contain the knowledge to give an answer, a true one, to any possible question? 

No. Not yet!

The answers to more questions will be discovered tomorrow and the next day and on into the future.

But, when you learn that science and “the arts” are not totally disconnected, not the opposing walls of a racketball court, then you are ready to make real progress. 

I am. We are. Let’s go.

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Seeking sense using  a complicated formula while many people walk by. 

The wise men and women of the city were sure they had made things too complicated.

Could we not just say “yes” or “no” without debating every single simple point. 

That was it! Simple points. Keep it to that. 

Did the Mad Hatter have the answer?

Have we been trumped or shall we wait until May? But perhaps there is nothing to put in. 

Yes, you may laugh now… if you need to.

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