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Archives for April 2020

This is it! The way forward is straight ahead, then second left, past the fish shop, then right and then carry on…

If only we’d realized it was so simple.

We thought you needed a ticket; a diploma perhaps?

It was tried, giving out degrees in exchange for years of study and lessons given by varying quality “professors”. The results speak for themselves.

We offer you a carton of the NewBestTea. Brewed correctly it delivers wisdom in a very efficient manner.

The answer has provided us with some excellent questions.

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Words become new again.

When a leader is proven bad, we use his name as a pejorative or expletive – or we could!

At some times this venting of what might otherwise be exasperation is a good thing.

Then, we can go full steam into merging with our least liked scenarios and shedding them like an old skin.

In other words, dive right in. You’ll both overcome and accept the cold water.

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A rising trend sounds good, it can be.

If the availability of bright green suits is increasing fast, rising, and if you are out to buy your bi-annual green suit you’d be pleased.

If the manufacture and availability of bad chocolate increases rapidly, neatly packed in well-designed wrappers – it tastes awful but every retailer decides to sell it and fill shelf space with this nonsense – then this bodes less well.

Just remember the conversation you have over the fence, in the corridor, as you exit the elevator – it may be the best of the day. And, it doesn’t require chocolate, good or bad.

Save this for a sunny day.

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Don’t take that, take the other.

That old stale and rotting idea won’t lift the flag high in the air like our new polished super-system will. Just ask!

All you have to do is call.

No email, no smoke signal, no form-filling.

Time for the easy method of sailing against the wind.

Yes, we’ll wait for you to have a quick snack first.

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So early! Too early? Not at all!

Sitting on a low wall, with flowers digging into my back, I wait.

I don’t know I’m waiting. There’s so much to see.

A bag flutters hanging out of a waste bin, a car door hasn’t closed properly and there is a lack of flush-ness, clouds fly by I think.

And I do think. A little. I feel a lot.

I hear, see and smell and sense.

It is a moment of receptive vibration

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