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Archives for July 2018

Sentient marmalade is all the rage in the Blue Light Cryptofoodmarket.

It is the better one.

The chocolate spread became unfashionable after someone spilled it on their Guchione shirt.

A long line formed along the aisle facing the fresh cleaning products, which were organic, bionic and laced in liquid health all at the same time.

Ancient wisdom starts to creep in.

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You are correct if you think they may not understand.

Things improve, the world takes steps forward (carried by the people who reside within/upon it).

When it does, then they will understand.

They will thank you.

So do not wait, to speak, to hear praise.

It is you who will benefit.

And we want that.

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From high to low, always in high gear.

We do not all agree on what a high gear or low gear means. A car mechanic, a company consultant or a kitchen chef, all may have a slight variation on the theme when they engage different cogs.

But moving fast, swaying slow, sliding easy or hitting every bump, all seem pretty clear in any realm or activity (though some may prefer to use their jargon to describe these).

Today’s pace may be tomorrow’s race, and that race could be the crawl of eons when we look back on it.

Automatic transmission. Infinitely variable ratios make smoothness out of the abrupt hiccups of gear changes.

Soft fiction or firm dissection and analysis perhaps.

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There it was, a new antique-look retrospectively-styled typewriter.

Made somewhere east of Europe, this gadget looked like something it was not.

It could not type, or rather, be used to type upon.

But it would play jingles, short speeches and annoying reminders.

After a few weeks we discovered it could also help, or seem to help us to change habits, become fit, eat less, read more and be better at…anything.

It was not long before we gave it away to be auctioned for a good purpose.

Some things are just silly, we thought.


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There was “good” and there was, they said, “Good”.

Why not use another word?!

Far too easy.

It was felt that making things complex made them fascinating.

We are not amused.

And you have the whole day to forgive, forget and launch rockets and probes into a waiting galaxy.

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