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Archives for September 2012

On some days clouds line the sky on the horizon and hold the sun at bay until it forces its way higher in the sky.

Even if clouds stay, the sun, step by step, rises to leave the clouds behind, unnoticeable and irrelevant.

Be like the sun if you wish!

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The mind is stronger than the strongest body.

Small particles mixed in the correct proportions, triggered to interact in a specific way, are more powerful than huge structures built from them.

Your ideas can be influential, your actions can produce results.

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Sometimes, doing something swiftly and deftly that does not seem to confer immediate rewards can turn out to be a gold mine.

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A moment spent planning the next two hours will give you the benefit of four hours in just two.

A moment of planning, of expecting the result you wish to achieve, will vastly improve the likelihood of success.

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When eating, eat.

When sleeping, sleep.

When listening, listen.

When smiling, smile.

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