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Archives for December 2018

There was a beeping sound then a change of color from blue to yellow, the whole sky became a stage curtain lighting effect.

It was the best of times and a better time.

We all smiled in a knowing way, beacuse we all knew.

And that’s all there was to it.

All that was needed. Right on time!

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A suggested rule forever: Never wait for a chance to say something that could make someone’s day.

Say it now, whether it is pleasant (preferable) or in a Clint Eastwood Make My Day way (less desirable).

If they want your name up on the marquee say yes or adopt a pseudonym pretty damn quick.

Let the good times roll and let everyone join in, heck, invite some of ’em!

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Drink from the little glass and count to three.

We doubt this new cafeteria will be popular, too many instructions with each order.

With yesterday’s Daily Special I was told to add the blue liquid exactly 93 seconds after it was served. Failing that it must not be eaten, they told me.

But the intrigue and apparent risk, the adventure…could even catch on.

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The walkway was empty and nobody seemed to be around.

Secretly – we thought – we tiptoed through the quietest city we could imagine, yet it was not deserted.

One could sense thoughts, emotions, replies and even questions sealed behind the walls of houses, shops and cafes.

We went into the brightly decorated, largely canary yellow, cafe at the corner of the street.

It took a long time to get served.

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Dressed in lace and fitted with a silver suit, the figure appeared upright and bold.

We met some years ago.

They were wise and had nuggets of knowledge only taught in The House on The Hill.

We must remember some Thank You Messages As ingredients for our lives.

Sometimes we get a very good tip!

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