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Archives for February 2020

Dreamy cement blending with stiff clouds and a touch of pepper.

Confusing or perhaps ridiculous?

Good. In that case, we live up to the implied warranty and service intervals.

We will check you in for your check in when we see fit

It is not up to you, or us, or anyone else.

The word will arrive like a softly-spoken meteor.

So will the gentle wind that lifts hems and souls.

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We took a jet to the local cafe and then another to see the lights glow as the Eifel tower was illuminated.

Glad we were discussing philosophy, soap operas and the retro look of the National Enquirer.

If we’d done none of these things we’d have to have wondered why anyone banks with criminals who open fake accounts for their customers, any more!

But people speak, they don’t act.

We aim to be different on that count.

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Up to you, all for me.

Shout a little bit when they raise a flag of enthusiasm. If you like.

Trussed up like a temporary model, a prototype, ready for review.

We are opening a factory and we need the best designed and easiest-to-use gadgets and tools. Never before, new, better and future-proof!

Things. Things always change.

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Sending the saint to the sautéed sinner.

We have to make movies.

Some should have a classical notion.

We talk of building a nation.

But that folks, is far beneath our station.

What oh what is the answer?

Don’t know the question.

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Just enough time. If you eat an orange without peeling it completely.

The timed saved is enough to enjoy the full juice complement and to receive more nutrition in the process.

Ironing underwear can be cancelled, it’s not, usually, on show. But if you must have pristine panties that’s OK.

Pressing bath robes can wait too. A creased linger between bed and bathroom won’t get headline writers energized. But if you must have flowing folds of perfect fabric, flatten and smooth without restraint.

Yes…just an intermission!

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