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Archives for February 2018

Whether it was the old table, the chairs that had to be positioned just-so to stop them wobbling like a house of cards, or just the air, the frangipan, the view, it was something.

We felt as if we were a rainbow cast from an angelic magician. Yes we were the rainbow, it was us.

Who are you – they wondered, then asked, then gave up enquiring. All so that they could join in the delight of dallying in the delightful dizziness of the moment.

It went on for days.

The early mornings, the hot noons, the calm dinner evenings.

I’ll show you where to go. And, where to sit.


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Fondling fermented memories.

The maze was a good place to get lost.

It was in fact impossible not to get lost, no-one had ever mastered it the first time.

Perhaps a ball of string would have helped?

They tried that.

And no modern elecronic device would work there.

Everyone came out looking years younger – when they finally appeared.

Getting lost is good.

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We climbed higher and all we could see was more.

The door opened and carpet stretched for miles, and miles more.

Straw and glue, paper and scissors aplenty, but not a brick or cement mixer in view.

The fields of pansies vied for attention before the forests of lavender .

Salut! We’ll pay you first, you, the bold beholder

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I’m a bit wedged in here, perhaps two people are sitting in a seat intended for one. Perhaps I am sharing a seat with someone I never met!

Those thoughts emanated from the sparkling brain of the scientist.

Meanwhile she was solving problems nobody knew existed, and inventing new metals that weighed no more than a helium balloon but could support the weight of a city.

As usual, all the fun of the fairground. Ferris wheels seemed to offer comparisons as they rotated.

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It was cool and smooth flowing.

They never expected it.

Typically congested, slow-flowing, hiccups, sneezes and wheezes – all these grizzly factors were gone.

They surfed their way on the blue-green glide, floated with the waxen tide.

Listening beasts and proud trumpeters, united, fighting laughter and feeling freedom’s breeze.

What flavor was this behavior?

Discover it by inventing The Introduction.

Stop recording!

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