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Archives for July 2020

Twenty-seven pizzas with a drop of marmalade as reserve.

Always good to have a reserve tank. A spare roll of toilet paper, a bar of chocolate or some long-life milk. They all add a feeling of safety.

You do need to remember where you put these valuable resources, when the pilot forgot to switch to the second fuel tank as we were about to land in a small four seat airplane, we almost “ran out of time”.

So keep it in a good place and then, that extra bottle of white wine vinegar will always be available to sour a piece of cabbage or complete a salad dressing.

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Coasting to a stop.

Decided to rest and didn’t know what that meant.

There were no schools teaching this art, or science.

We feel sure the Big Name Universities (“colleges”) will soon offer a course in resting and give Masters and Postgraduate certificates of worthlessness.

There is a scam a big scam, going on. Intelligence has been confused with a university education. What an entangled mess.

Of course with the right degree we could all be even more boring!

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A hidden milestone for an unknown event.

An unrevealed great deed.

A cat, a wildcard and a chrome strip.

Boldly go where someone went before.

True adventures in the most obvious places.

Take the rough road, the high path, the steep edge and the bold invitation.

It’s always better when there is nobody to confirm that idea.

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Don’t stand by as it all unfolds, unfold your version.

Does this mean you should exert influence, change things, change the course of history?

If you are good, and you know this, then yes.

We need all good people to lead their world every day.

I always try to do just that in every small way, and if we all do then this becomes Big Good!

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When one company stands out in times of strife, caring for customers and doing and meaning what they say, they deserve to do well.

More important than anything else is truth, transparency and reputation.

A company like a person, gets most respect when being and seeming straight-talking and honest.

We will make sure there is more of this…and please help in this effort!

Always….a better world.

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