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Archives for May 2016

Times were old, but the hours were new.

Puddles looked dry and stones were soft.

Things may have changed, but a good coffee was still a prize to enjoy.

Everyone rules something. Some people rule themselves.

You are exceptional.

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Research shows that mocha flavor ice cream creates more friendships than strawberry ice cream. 

That’s not really useful or so important. I don’t worry about trusting it or not.

What it tells us is how curiosity is admired and it’s a reminder that curiosity is a good thing. 

The moral of the story, never let a good question go to waste, you already know the answers to the bad ones!

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Ther are over twenty ways of saying thank you in the Goldorfian language.

The words for hot and cold are the same but for the length given to the (same word). Gorobos and gorobos. The longer one is the word for hot, perhaps because of the time it takes to heat up?

Presumption without prior probing can cause mistakes.

A smile usually gets you through.

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Seriously, I was there, waiting.

Minding the doors and jumping the fences.

We danced.

Never before had people moved in such silken dissolves.

There is no motion like slow motion.

And then the guitars moved us, body and soul.

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Tasting the rain in their pockets, they made their way to the cabin.

Perched high above the chimneys and slightly tilting, they were never more cheerful than when wood fires burned below. 

Looking out at the games being played beneath them, they threw papier mache greetings towards the valleys and streets. 

A paper airplane arrived with an invitation. A strategy conference was being held in the mountains.

They accepted.

Who are they?

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