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Archives for August 2018

Strong and refined.

Dilly-dallying with the aristocratic travel plans of strollers on the promenade.

There was the talk of neighbors, favors and fizzling fireworks.

They carried parasols and bows and arrows.

Words again, but those words cast feelings across the sky.

At sunrise, there was an echo.

The sounds were an audible rainbow of tune, melody, and rhythm.

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We are in a trance, and so clear-minded we can see through lead doors!

We are thinking of jokes and soliloquies introducing the themes of our age in the form of futuristic (non-dystopian) stories about simple people become warriors and champions of the people.

We have much to say and no time to waste. But who does?

Many waste time trying not to waste time which is such a waste.

And on to the princess and the duke, the empress and the king, as they walk along the winding paths between their mountain (and valley) kingdoms.

The rest is forming and coming soon. You can imagine. You may be right!


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Tracing conversations we had and walks we took.

A look back, to move forward.

We are letting the zest of the past filter through into the collecting cup.

Supposedly ready for renewal, really ready for replenishment.

They cross borders, we cross the streets.

A tone of high hope.

We can sort it out.

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Ladles are important.

In every soup, there is a message.

These messages contain the magic keys to even more magical ingredients and galactically-magical recipes.

Next time we see a pot boiling, slowly but surely, a sense of relief, happiness and satisfaction will overcome us like a swirling purple cloud.

So much exhilaration and oneness in a kitchen environment.

There will be chefs.

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Trying hard by sleeping.

Whenever it is too late…don’t worry, you have time.

After the date…it’s still good.

Disagree with bad, optimize and confirm good.

Sound neat and appealing?

Of course!


Got it!

You, me and them.

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