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Archives for September 2015

Under the bridge, through the opening in the cave, water flowed toward the horizon.

A deer jumped over a log and landed elegantly perched upon a rock platform.

Music wafted from another valley, an old Beatles song perhaps. It had that simple and effective structure.

A boat glided between impossible cliffs, guided by an experienced oarsman.

A woman pulled back the strings of the bow and sent an arrow out with its message, a letter from the king, attached.

Just another day.

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Skating across the lake was like walking on water.

So it seemed.

And why not?

Dancing in the clouds felt soft and fluffy.

What would we expect?

The warmth of cool pepper, the calm cooling of glowing embers.

Bringing back energy.

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They’re filming the celebration, I’m filming the moon.

Two days ago the leaves were green and that is all.

Now there are flowers glowing like remarkable stars, in every colour under the sun!

We have collected wonders, and created many.

More… Yes.

The road stretches out ahead, with every twist and turn, here or there, or further, may be the place to rest and an immaculately comfortable bed.

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I look at the wonder of shapes and feel the shape of wonders.

Mi casa es tu casa, said the well-heeled bull.

But the invitation contained mixed ideas, dual-sided intentions.

Toss a coin if you want to lose it.

Be the coin if you want to win.

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Pure beauty…the beauty of the moment.

There you are, the view, the chair tilted to maximum comfort, the sounds of the city and the songs of conversation as people pass by.

This can be fixed in home environs or foreign far flung destinations.

The strategy is fickle, the feast is the flow.

First, breathe it in.

Then, let it unfold like the play it is, the stage it is.

Fiction chases reality in an endless race.

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