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Archives for September 2015

You are right.

Now we’ve got off to a good start, let’s exchange ideas.

You have a solution, I have a new direction.

You have a design, I have a method.

We seem to be a winning team.

You are right.

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A corn stalk wavered as if in anticipation the next wave of the breeze.

Two men walked up the hill, talking slowly, knowing everything the other had ever said,yet waiting for what was about to be delivered fresh and new.

The sun was fighting successfully to gain a presence on the day.

Two dogs wagged tails as if understanding it all.


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Becoming the treat.

Only a few observations are needed to be able to become the one they remember. Remember with good feelings, and a pleasant expectation of further meetings.

The real treat is the one you get from tossing a coin in the fountain of a beggars cup without turning back, without further thought.

For you.

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When to turn the lights on.

Tempting as it is to turn on lights in the house when the dusky hint of dwindled day becomes apparent, there is an advantage to waiting a few extra minutes.

Do this concertedly and paying attention to every second extra of natural light – even lack of it.

There are things you will think, invent or remember at no other time.

You may invent a galaxy.

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Dreaming along at the pace of change.

Over the swirling pattern of the cream atop the coffee, they hatched plans that had never been considered by anyone else under the sun.

It was fun.

Each person’s actions, even their ideas, are completely unique.

Some may seem the same, but when you get them under the microscope there are tens, then hundreds, then thousands of minor differences.

No robot no automation.

No human, no sensation.

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