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Archives for February 2015

Five hundred words later she had the beginning of a novel.

A start. Part of the extraordinary composition of any work.

Whether you follow the beginning, middle and end, or some other three-part concept, most work progresses in components numbered in threes.

Hammer, nail, sandpaper? Not exactly! Yet there will likely be a trio in engineering, science, art, music and all creative endeavors.

Ready! Steady! Go!

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Sometimes there is that “some kind of wonderful” thing or event.

The phrase “Live long and prosper” is just such a creation.

And as a tribute to the man who often had the chance to utter these words as his own, Leonard Nimoy, here they are again, a better salute and greeting you’d hardly find:

Live Long and Prosper.

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A small bar of gold lay on the wooden table.

Picking it up, it seemed too heavy for its size.

They were pleased to be paid this way. After all, kingdoms had been “built on gold”.

If for a moment, you imagine that golden thoughts are just as valuable as the metal, what would you like to think, and how would you spend those glittering prizes?

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Sleepy, half-focusing and soft.

Sometimes a bit of a sleepy view, a slower reckoning, drums up great stuff.

Don’t fret an occasional dreamy demeanor.

Soon, the sun rises.

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Endorsing today and the future.

Mementos in moderation are fine. But the past is not always the best foundation for the step you take next.

Best to see today as the right time. The time to decide you are right.

The future is the food store of possibility and your safety valve for today.

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