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Archives for January 2015

Ascent to a scented plateau.

Spring flowers, fresh elemental water, cool springs and waterfalls.

A shepherd awaits your arrival, to guide you to the lodge.

Ice melts and sun shines. Guests await.

You are greeted as an exalted equal.

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With a battery and a bulb you can signal pleasure and approval or a request for help.

On occasion there is no phone signal and quaint forms of communicating become valuable again.

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There is a light on. It illuminates the corridor.

Corridors are a means of communication, they take you to new places.

Let some light shines in the rooms the corridor leads to and you have opened up a cosmos of possibilities.

Metaphorically speaking!

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Silent songs are the most influential.

If you need to shout there is little chance the message will be heard.

Calm talk, coaxing lyrics and paintings do the heavy lifting.

The world changes every time you whisper.

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Long locks of syrup colored hair.

A sweet nature, a great mind.

Earnest reports and hidden flair.

Some fine, some coarse.

We share the world and it’s best strata reinforced.

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