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Archives for December 2014


Good fortune.

Great disposition.





Stay the course and smile at each turn.

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Plans, goals and blooms.

Plans can be changed.

Goals can be set by the hour, the day or week. Sometimes by the month.

Annual – for the year, blooms are the best way. A direction, a theme, a personal genre.


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Enlightened banking and ice-skating loans.

All shapes can be changed.

Colours and textures can be adjusted.

In the new wonders you will create, the limit does not exist – except where you place it.

Think well, be good, plough and skate.

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The movie of Your life.

Would You go to see it?

Don’t worry about a thing.

If your answer is yes, keep on keeping on.

If your answer is no, keep on, more!

Tell me when the screening is.

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Traditional feasts and modern feats.

Any thing or occasion may have value.

Could add a new celebration, holiday or remembrance?

What is truly wise and thoroughly good will always have value.

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