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Archives for December 2012

A sunny day. A bright night.

The moon dripped its way behind the mountains.

Truth is strength.

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Even though stars in the night sky may not be so bright, we often gaze at them with wide affection, admiration and wonder. Just feeling the beauty of these pins of light.

No wonder then, that we enjoy a brightly lit, sunny day!

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Dreams are like an idle past-time that cannot be interpreted with any certainty.

They may act as verification for knots in the subconscious.

But, to have a dream and take steps to make it a reality, now that is something you Can do!

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Being occupied with things that better someone’s life in some way, is fun.

Most business activity does indeed do this.

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In flat countryside you can walk for ages, easily, but the view does not change much.

In hilly and mountainous lands, a short distance travelled changes your view, quite quickly.

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