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Archives for November 2013

You may know it was Thanksgiving in the USA recently,

So perhaps this is Thanksgiving Weekend.

You know who you should thank now?

The answer my friends is – yourself.

You surely deserve your own thanks, so go ahead!

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Find a good seat at a cafe on a busy street in a large town.
Observe. One by one pick people out from the crowd, start with those you find interesting, give each one a story in your own mind. Create a life, who they are, where they are going, their personality…what are they thinking right now?

Got the idea?

Now, see how this changes the enjoyment you get from conversations with new people.

It’s a great exercise with so many benefits.

If you like, let me know how it goes.

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Take your shoes off before stepping on a white carpet.

Put your shoes on before walking in the snow.

This is the way nursery rhymes start.

Either way keep up a good pace!

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All things can change.

But that’s good!

Likely that more good things will come along – and – you can encourage the good things by sharing, enjoying and celebrating them.

Do not expect a ” price ” for the finer events – that is just fictional superstition.

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A band of one.

You can form your own band.

Get used to it, polish it and make it yours.

Then others will join.

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