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Archives for April 2019

Share the news today, make it cheery, lively and bright.

Somehow it’s always possible but, oh yes, yes, we get tired.

Not for long! Try my new energy formula, drink at breakfast and noon.

No need to do anything but swallow, you don’t even need a spoon.

The blueprint is on the way.

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A song flew and then settled gently all around, in fact all over us.

We had started, tried, eventually succeeded while listening to this music.

The words had changed! The first year we had “written our own lyrics” mistakenly, delightfully hearing what we wanted to hear.

Now we know better. And it is better.

Wooing the whispers to sound right.

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Everything your face told me was essential.

I knew through and through that no telephone needed bridge the gap.

What we want to say is there, written already and we don’t even need to read it.

Look up, look out, look and learn.

It is always your turn, it is always my turn.

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The craziest hotness.

Searing knowledgeably up the incline, the roll down the other side was hysterically funny to the three participants.

They had waited years to qualify and spent months signing up sponsors.

All, every single one of them, all the sponsors insisted they convincingly agree to laugh a lot during the race. Not so much a “race” as an “appearance.”

The Famous Three, for they were known to “everyone”, loved this type of event.

Little did anyone know that this was all they could do. Specialization!

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The undiluted preview.

The whole thing.

They left nothing out.

The world in a bottle.

The universe in a bucket.

The galaxy in a small tank.

We can relax now that quantum computing is here!

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