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Archives for November 2016

Segments and circles.

What can we imagine from these descriptions of things, stuff, items, shape or volume?

A designer may immediately think of graphs and pie charts or for that matter so might a statistician.

The point is, that a suggestive heading, a picture description, at the beginning, gives cause for curiosity to be aroused.

I’ll preface the next standard comment with a non-standard intro. It’s like adding seasoning to mashed potatoes.

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Days of varnish and printed paper.

The news washed down the street like a soggy newspaper. 

Green streaks of sports reports, red realms of international debt restructuring and orange auras of art reviews. 

The chairs outside the cafe looked new, lacquered the day before and ready for people to exclaim about their philosophies of politics, society and love.

It could have been Paris.

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The taste of cilantro with strawberry glazing.

That was the way they negotiated in the kingdom of byzantine modernists.

Tallying the gains in the inventions department of the Neanderthal digital music center was tough, because their computing power was only tenth generation.

In the fields they made tic tac toe games (noughts and crosses to those from the British Empire) out of the corn and barley fields. 

The best decision was cultivating blueberries. Some years anyway.

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Or the next one. 

But the wait is the killer.

Answer the phone, it may be for you and if it’s no the car dealer it could be the eternal clerk.

If you have paper, screen space or tablet table, deliver your epistle and become an apostle tonight.

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I was walking along the main road in Waikiki, when passing the open window of a bar, I heard a lyrical, storytelling voice. It was Fidel Castro.

He made up the scene of meeting Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton – one of the presidents I do not remember which, and described how they would get along. 

Despite the strange ideas he had produced, broadcast and mandated, that voice had the tone of a singer who turned heads with every song. 

Whichever way you think the wind blows, you have to listen.

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