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Archives for November 2017

It was like a dream, another boardroom meeting with critical decisions to be made and the imperative to innovate.

Meanwhile the choir was busy painting, you could hear the brush strokes a mile away.

A day of memories was declared.

Everybody remembered.

The summit sounded like angels whispering.

Never have so many enjoyed so much in such a three dimensional fashion.

We are all for fashion, except now, later in the day.

It all helps towards the softest, warmest sleep.




. .


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We’re all here.

There is something you can do and it’s connected to the long strings of influence at the bottom of the scenic garden.

Wishing, coaxing and persuading are not needed or encouraged. Oh, wishes they suppose, are allowed.

A gold or silver number is sought.

Win by waking first.

Comfort and replenishing inspiration is everywhere if you find it.

The rails are always parallel and the seeds are fortune tellers.

You. Lucky.





\/  \/





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“Delighted to meet you” was a phrase they all learnt before, during or after high school.

There is a formula for having more occasions pop up, to use this greeting.

It is long, algebraic and can be simplified to saying “yes” to celebrations.

Drums and rolls are the building blocks of exterior covers for imitation Hollywood Bowl buildings.

A crystal file, a polishing cloth and a small amount of olive oil will allow many a lock to function smoothly and quietly, rather than needing replacement.

All other tricks of the trade would be welcomed.

Then the book of instructions for an easy life will be completed.

You are doing well. I can tell.

(Wait for a day or two if you doubt it….we believe everything is looking peachey).


::  ::  ::.



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We haven’t started, we’ve finished!

The steps are few, the rivers swell.

We toll, toil and tell.

We are voters, we decide little and we make changes with heft.

You haven’t met us, then, you haven’t elected us yet.

We are ready to serve an honest sky full of character stars.

We hope you will join us.

Don’t look over there, the capable one is you!



{]   [}





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Dazzling donuts Batman!

sheer pizazz!

Oh, or, do we mean bitcoin.

Take it or leave it.

Take speed, especially on corners.

We are moving down the roads apiece.

Papa’s got a brand new lease!

Wow, all that wood, you know that you should.

Glad you sent me that card…moved, Iwas moved.



{}. {}. {}.




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