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Archives for September 2014

Two ideas.

You need at least two ideas or solutions, to have an “alternative plan”.

That’s obvious.

What is not so clear is the matter of quality.

Alternatives need to reach a level of value and substance, creatively or physically, to be of value.

Dual dynamics.

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The integrity of dreams.

The honesty of intelligent strategy.

Empathetic stature.

Benevolent authenticity.

Strange structures.

Knowing laughter.

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Daybreak. Dawn. The rising sun.

We always remember the start.

That moment of beginning. The first taste, the first look, the first time we hear a voice.

Every part of a path has components of wonder.

Every wonder has components.

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I cook the best turkey in the world!

But don’t worry, yours can be second best.

And better still, there’s that thing you do that is the best in the world!

And if we’re being truly finicky, is my cooked turkey the best or was the turkey the best before I cooked it!

All to be taken lightly, or depending on the recipe, with a pinch of salt!

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Stairs are a good static exercise device.

A new use for a well known item.

A novel way of using any one thing, may exceed the benefit of its original purpose.

Or we can start from the beginning.

What a delight!

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