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Archives for February 2019

Sound, fury and empathy.

The storm was milder than we expected and rattled a bit, shook a little, excited the windmill and came with pretty clouds.

Some streams of thought are spiked with out-of-nowhere whimsical answers to perfect questions.

A spatial salad served on the side.

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Starting today.

The continuance.

Process and progress equal to a universal formula without numbers, equations or results.

A golden violet petal floated, then fell slowly to land on Number Five Red.

A casino win, a fluke or destiny, we do not know.

For certain, for sure, the table has cards and no players. Absolutely not.

Flower child in the garden.

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I’m sorry if I challenged you.

I’m not sorry if I stretched your mind because it stretched mine too.

What? Is it elastic?

Yes, it most certainly is.

An evening on board the yacht watching a muddled golden sun fall behind the nearest island, the long hard climb to the landing at the top of the world, those pulsating smiles of understood understanding – all depend upon that cruel challenge.

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Will a concert solve a problem?

Will it bring sanity to a crazy situation?

Music does deliver messages, often better than any other medium.

It can sway, encourage and persuade.

When the music stops let’s carry on humming a tune.

I’ll start.

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Visual, temporal and sensual.

Likely or not.

We have some questions.

The swimming pool has azure tiles with gold flecks.

Suspend the obvious for a moment, while you let it simmer gently

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