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Archives for March 2018

Beautiful packaging.

The clean slightly serifed typeface, with evocative sketches of the contents.

Whimsical descriptions made the sourest sore seeker succumb.

And yet most never used the item, not for its intended purpose, only to put it on display in the middle of the oak table which they showed to all house guests.

Design means something when it reaches heights of consideration, understanding, and composition.




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Twisting wires to plant a seed.

Several times, we though of another word which meant the same thing – bright and cheerful.

Each time we added those words to the vocabulary of the sky-writing plane and it’s pilot.

It was never clear who had the better spelling ability, for a gust of wind sometimes corrected pilot-spelling-error.

Every Bond movie used to be promoted this way at the Cannes Film Festival.

Well almost but with a critical difference, those planes had a pre-printed banner they towed and no mistakes. Bond was correct!

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No particular synchronicity, whatever’s on the menu.

Some fields lay fallow.

Others are flourishing with intentional flowers.

The tractors and combines sit quietly between covering furrrows.

Crinkle-cut and smily-moustached, Mr. Fertile follows the same route to his consulting rooms as he has for 3 years, two months and two days.

Tomorrow he will discover a new route.

Cornelia Uppering has created a small empire, it will become a giant, though she doesn’t know it yet.

Flowers and furrows and change.

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No time for the saints and sinners.

Dreaming of thou.

We are sailing through mists and coming into clear bright sunlit festivals of freshness.

Leave the gator later for the potato.

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Keep a lookout for me…

There’s a combination and I think I’ll guess it.

Don’t turn on that light, I like to cook in the dark.

What happens in the darkroom stays….

Time, gentlemen please…was what they said once upon a time.

Things change!

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