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Archives for April 2014

Evenings feeling the warm air whirl around one’s neck, the music playing and a cool drink to refresh.

An outdoor cafe, a conversation and a new connection.

Understanding the acnalbasac* moon.

*Casablanca in reverse – Refers to a lyric written by the band Slap Happy.

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There need be no surprises other than the daily mystery of night becoming day and its illuminating reversal every morning. The longer you can view this moment as a fresh and wondrous thing, the better (however much you know the “why” of it).

In addition, to re-visiting things you take for granted, and seeing all those amazing details once more, seeeven more of them as well, this is good for the creative brain.

I hope this is a little bit clear!?

And, I think it is something we can all enjoy.

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So much that is new, not just a modification of what we have now, is coming in technology and the application of scientific discovery.

I urge everyone to encourage, coax and foster opportunities for the realization of these.

New capabilites, products and major “savings” as well as near fantasy-like possibilities for a better future.

I’ll talk more about this in future Replies.

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Too long since I saw you last!

We must meet up soon!

How wonderful to hear from you!

Kind words are golden.

A handshake or a kiss is worth all the diamonds in the galaxy!

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Oh how wonderful to travel without luggage!

But it’s not always practical. And then when those bags need handling, do not feel weighed down.

The reason for taking luggage on a trip has its own benefits.

It’s just a tiny fraction of life’s variety, simple as it may be.

Have a fine trip!

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