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Archives for November 2018

In his fervent wish to back, support and believe in something, he picked the first shiny object to come into view.

Choosing life is not the same as buying a car.

Drinking fresh water is not intoxicating, yet it is refreshing.

Dial a number at random, and you may not know the person who answers.

Sometimes, a random choice delivers new delights.

The throwing-a-dart method of choosing from a menu in a Scandinavian restaurant will not entail much risk.

Mistakes are mistakes. Longshots are just that. But bold experimentation helps to keep you from becoming stagnant.

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Going somewhere and chewing basada bark.

Oh. Basada – It’s a new tree, grows to about two meters height and flowers three times a year.

We haven’t had new trees for a while — just a few which were undiscovered, until last Friday.

The bark tastes minty, causes alertness yet does not interfere with sleep.

Basada Lattes are rumored.

It’s something new (growing) under the sun.


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Druids, drones and donations.

No connections there?

Does not seem so, yet there is.

Druids had a science of their own, drones required science facts to be created, donations are always needed…

See that! So easy to make, took a second, a hazy bridge between one apparently isolated thing or idea and another.

No need to make excuses anymore – I’ve just excused you!

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This is the time to stop them.

Sometimes it seems beyond reach, too much, too far, just not now.

But then your intervention will change the world, it’s good you know, for the better.

And this is just you and one other person at a time.

All matter is made of particles. All vibrate, and some collide.

Everything influences everything else.

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Doesn’t it surprise you when people buy things from unsolicited telephone callers?

But don’t you do the same things in different ways?

Behavior patterns and habit form a big part of decision-making by customers.

We are all customers.

No…please don’t call….unless it’s to discuss the possibility of particulate-beam-instant-travel!

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