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Archives for March 2019

Dear correspondent,

We know your subscription to “Everything You’ve Always Asked For But Never dared Say No To” was set to expire last night, or the day before, or was it next Wednesday, we’re not sure, and we can’t be bothered to look into it.

So don’t worry, you will continue to receive every single issue.

For how long?

We have no idea.

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Dismantling the nets, the titles and the bathrobes.

All things were planned, but then when enacted, spontaneity took over.

We were training disciples of the Centre For Actually Thinking.

What is key to understanding this cultural giant of an organization, is to know that when you walk past one of its open windows you will always hear uncontrollable and high-power laughter.

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The rock face was steep, few footholds and no espresso carts on the way up.

But with my new GripTheWorld shoes I walked up like I was on the way to work at a bank (horrible image I know!).

We are celebrating the progress made in the world. We do this every day. And then we design something new.

Abstract, still life, breathing life – we don’t care.

A renaissance.

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Shake, rattle and roll.

An old car.

A creaky bone-age.

A sign of “they’re sure dancing now”.

Instructions on a can of hair spray.

How to make still water carbonated.

And the beat goes on.

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Take three eggs, stir, shake, bake and fry.

This terrible-sounding recipe was actually wonderful, it went down well and had, many other, hundreds of other, ingredients.

It is said that a famous rock and roll band (Led Zeppelin) may have been inspired by eating too many portions, too many times.

History, it seems, is made in the baking.

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