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Archives for March 2020

Several people can strike a chord. Individually or together. In fair weather or stormy winters.

We all want to go on a dream – it’s better that way than a cruise, no pointy elbows used as weapons to secure the table with the best view – the dream is softer, smoother.

And to be cool rather than steamy, and to have space, and to retain the bright spark of brilliance ya’all have somewhere within you!

Still, those magical stories will continue to amaze.

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It could be a new vegetable or a new shoe, or a new piece of paper. You get the idea. It was easy to please them and sometimes it’s easy to please me.

I looked inside a cupboard and found something so old and forgotten that it was brand new to me.

Chocolate trees and spinach leaves left a distinct sense of healthy air and spacial flair.

It’s all a matter of style. The thing fits the day.

And what is so good, the day doesn’t care,

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Turn on the Joy fountain just like a garden hose.

In your mind, somewhere – it can appear hidden for a moment – are memories of Great Moments of Your Life.

Summon them like placing an order for a Mai Tai by the pool – you know that perspiring glass will sit on the little table next to you soon – and immerse yourself in the warm glow of one of those memories.

Sounds funny, floppy, trippy perhaps. And yet, it’s a more reliable tool than a hammer.

Go on…try it. It’s completely free and you don’t need to wait for it to be delivered!

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Completely forgot what I was going to say.

So instead, I will sing a sweet lullaby.

No need to add sugar because I’m so sweet.

You are like fragrant honey from flowery gardens. May I take a seat?

I will wait until the cement dries.

Yes please, with fries.

Such a sleepy tune.

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So sorry the banana left the stage before singing a single song.

Some performances go down in memory for the wrong reasons. Well, the right reasons, but not good ones.

Whatever accolades a man has, the one unfavorable thing ruins it all.

The good thing is, there is always room for a juicy orange.

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