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I want to know, in the wild woods and forests, does one tree know that another of a different species is there next to it. It’s not a question, a musing rather.

It seems more interesting than the sometimes easy and other times troubled words between humans. What do they know the other knows, and what do they say and then relax unaware of the deep impression created. This is musing as well, but sometimes it is a question.

I wish not to confuse ease with interest in this way. Perhaps that’s to be avoided.

Just musing.

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Yesterday and next someday, when.

Time is on my side – waits for no man – has no mind – is malleable – is fictional.

I like the clock I looked at every day because it had the almost-human trait of needing attention. If it wasn’t wound regularly it didn’t cooperate.

But that’s a memory and now I look at something which never stops…except when no-one expects.

Nothing is foolproof. Just sometimes repeatedly and un-remarkably reliable. It’s good to know, and better still to remember, that Once in A Blue moon happens without reliance on clockwork or battery power!

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Said you’d start a prolific output of something. Didn’t catch the last word.

So we are gathered here today, to guess.

It’s anybody’s.

And we get to write the book.

Yes, another one!

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Dancing through an empty street.

Time was we went out to see what was about.

To have a car was not only a ticket to ride, it was a place-holder on missions of discovery.

Is it the same now?


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Selling apples by the thought.

Easy to feel an appetite for the thing that is considered to be a delicacy.

How delicate it is may be disputed, but if people wait in line at the deli counter when a shipment arrives it seems so special.

Along the road they eat roasted Brussels sprouts.

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