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Archives for February 2014

A walk in the park.

Light before dark.

A thought, bright as a spark.

Up with the lark.

So many things go through an arc.

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Time for collateral coffee or lemonade.

It needn’t always be “damage”, and before it is, take a seat at a cafe or squeeze some lemons and add sweetening to taste.

Change the tablecloths of life.

Choose the way the world works.

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Water flavored with lemon and ginger.

The fragrance of delicate skin bathed in rosewater.



Conclusions and possibilities,

Now is good, the future will adjust for you.

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Scientific exploration.
Fairy tales.

Let’s see what connects these three?

Enjoy thinking it through.

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On the street where you live, have you seen everything you could possibly see?

On the street where you imagine you might live one day, what do you think you will see?

Every street, every path, every track…more to be revealed.

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