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Archives for August 2016

Time to renew the dozen roses and the sovereign nation. 

Free and democratic.

Interesting choices will be made.

Clever ideas will be implemented.

Great arms outstretched as affiliations spread and cooperation combines.

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Tke the drone for a walk.

The dog nodded and the Bentley purred. 

Driving is such sweet sport.

Precision and control is valued. 

The destination is calling clearly.

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On the way home.

We always are, even when we leave.

There is one direction, straight lines do not really exist, which is the circular route.

Like a sophisticated and wise boomerang, we arrive again, the second and third and more times, with veneers of wisdom which become tree trunks of life.


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A big book that was so heavy it remained on the same shelf, untouched, for 23 years.

Heavy reading, they called it. But they meant that the tone, language and content made it hard to read.

By the time the shelves were replaced three people had read this enormous work. 

It took two years to replace the bookshelves. 

It took two days for those three people to start applying what they learned from reading the heavy work.

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The high cheekbones of the lakeside forests.

Native application and customized, engineered art.

Two coins tossed in the air at the same time, tell a different story. 

Difficult to make rules, then, that’s the way it should be!

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