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Archives for January 2016

In the river was a bus, a donkey and a surfboard. Fortunately they were all afloat.

This was the normal selection of transportation available to commuters. 

Every day some would surf, some would sit astride the donkey’s back and some would ride the floating bus. 

Not all cities are the same.

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The bridge you don’t notice.

Some bridges do not announce themselves by showing a span or supporting pillars.

They just cross ground or river or grotto beneath them and suddenly when you look back, there it is, a bridge spanning two pieces of higher ground.

The area below may be interesting – and yet it’s always good to know of the higher ground.

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Will the rise of the unusual spell the end of mediocre decor?

There is every good reason when you build your own house, to make it unique. 

This way you are choosing what you want, what you think works best and you are, thinking. 

Look-alike anything would be fine if perfection had been reached. That’s even before we start talking about what is good or perfect for one being not so for another.

When I walk down the street I’d appreciate your very own house being one of the things I see and so will you.

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The state of the nation is to be decided by you. 

Will that be a good thing?


I see…good.

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The voice, that’s all we need to hear.

To remember a friend, a love, a person we met. 

Give your voice as a gift.

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