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Archives for October 2013

See someone looking confused in the street?

Know the town?

Ask if you can help direct them.

You will create a friendly experience.

You might make a new friend!

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Seems like, could be, would be.

Make it so!

Choices being available to you are a sign of freedom.

Choose and move!

Smile into the future.

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Patience or persistance.

Rush, or the slow dance of easing easily.

Don’t worry there are no experts on this theme.

Trust yourself.

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Tigers seem fast when they take to chase.

Delicate fragrances can act in memory, as a balance for unsightly broken concrete buildings.

Pace yourself and as well as expecting the most.

Days of marvel and taste.

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Do not ask for whom the wind blows. It doesn’t know.

We can sneeze at a breeze.

Storms take their own form.

Stay away from the norm.

Laugh in the warm.

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