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Archives for August 2019

She woke in a moment of contemplation and soft planning.

Twists and turns had meant that no subject dominated for long.

A good thing, they wanted variety and the vast sweep of varied, unfocused chat.

During this meander, the council of concerted drummers and sus chefs was formed – a casual collection of dreaming strategists.

From epics to ants, from Continents to teaspoons. Again!

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Drifting swiftly toward the slowdown.

Beyond Downtown, Uptown, Mytown and Yourtown, there is a yawning gap.

In that space are the selections of adhesive tapes, prowling saints and pretentious introverts.

A trip a day saves the way.

Some say we should all use cayenne pepper every day.

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Teaching serenades in the rice terraces of Casablanca.

We had taken the wrong flight but ended up in a place so right for us.

We walked across fields that combined a paddling pool with moist mud flats and the scent of green shoots.

One day, back in Anfa, we chewed bacha-meal and toasted gruel with an old friend.

Coffee made the day and wine sealed the night.

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It was on motorcycles they rode, and they discovered truths long-known.

Every junction provided a new illustration of profound truths and tactics.

It was the art and the experience – on motorcycles, but about the world.

Stories about journeys, stories about us.

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Sensing sensate sensations along the way.

Several swans glided, it seemed secretly, so that movement was magically made.

We may not wish to be invisible, but to glide like that…oh my!

The key, please!

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