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Archives for January 2018

The invitation was kind and felt good.

We did not attend.

We joined others who did not attend.

It was a special night.

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Blueberry pie and the banking moment.

No rhyme or reason.

No bureaucrat, no cry.

Do not lean on tall grass.

Make your own pizza at least once.

Vegetables are good, but are in a contimual argument with fruit as to which is “more important”.

If only they knew.

Time to rest.

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Take three tablets with water and go for a drive.

Strangest advice I’d had.

But it worked.

I no longer found aspic disgusting. I’d been broken in.

It is in fact hard to know, now I think about it, whether that is a good thing or a bad thing!

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There was a certain inelegance, he though, to the way he hoisted himself up onto the stool.

Others, when they noticed, thought he was a svelt and fluid gymnast.

When she introduced the most suprising strategy, others knew it was clever and about to be proved sage and prescient

To have never been clumsy would have been clumsy, he thought.

Trial tiger races were open to all.

But nobody knew what they were.

Count me in!



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Wild, delicate and formal.

We are seeing the evening reveal the night’s stars, and, being told which is which.

Liking our guide, we suggest enjoying tea, at a tea house.

There are none nearby.

We start one. Take a lease, decorate the premises and open the doors to customers.

Many wait for hours until we open on the first day of existence.

The world, did not start this way.

The grand opening took a wee bit longer!


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