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Archives for August 2012

A few words of GENUINE compliment can be equal to a “lifetime of achievement” award.

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What makes a person stronger is often something offensive, troubling or puzzling.

Next time such an event occurs for you – vow to be strengthened by it.

The sun shines brightest on clear winter days at the top of a mountain; summers though bright, are often hazy.

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Always do special things at least once a week.
Things that bring effect, meaning and benefit to the world around you.

Not charity, but contribution and enormous difference!

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Snow on the mountains

Fire on the water

River deep

Mountain high!

. . . . . . . . .

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When rain drips, runs, pours like a torrent, you know deep down inside that it will not last.
Then, steam will rise from the ground as the sun “ruins” the effect of the rain, or, if you like, produces a sunny day!

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