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Archives for May 2019

Sure things are like diamond rings.

In the incident room, we could see why the wrong paint color had been chosen.

It would have been preferable to have the house painted yellow in a street where every other color had already been used.

A street with no name it may be, but without color and interest – most certainly not!

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Mist or mango?

The variations in political discourse across the globe tell many stories.

Corruption is a cornucopia of faultiness in the human psychology of need, and of course sometimes, mindless greed.

We are developing a new way, Mindful Meditative Magnanimous Greed (MMMG), it should appeal to the mass media, what’s left of it.

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Pleased to meet you.

There’s beer, juice, milk and turkey in the fridge.

We’ll have roast meaning with sautéed contemplation for supper.

Please close the door when you go and remember the twenty six locks.

The windows?

Oh…leave them open.

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Drips and glaze, that’s the way we dance.

Here on the balcony the opera glasses are freely used to check on the makeup.

The leading lady leads.

The director is almost bankable.

We have great seats, of course there is an unobstructed view

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Trip toes to Gazilo Grapi Garcelo.

Runs like a buffalo disco.

Oh girl, oh boy, oh well.

A sigh and a smirk left before grins and twins.

New staircase, better steps.

Trainer says fifty reps.

Sign in please.

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