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Said so many ways, and confirmed by whispers and gestures, they appreciated our work.

We do it anyway.

Not that the sighs of delight are not a pleasant form of admiration, but one must do the good thing with or without an audience.

We met someone in the corridor and they, a person we’d surely not met, greeted us by name.

Let’s stay calm and accept a pacific calm into the future.

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Describing round angles and sweet tartness.

In between the usual parameters – of course – are some shaded (not shady!) events.

This is a new branch of physics which throws in a bit of chemistry to boot.

And it is Human Chemistry, not the exploding test tubes type found in a school lab.

Soon to be available at every dealership.

The puzzle is to discover what sort of dealer deals these deals!

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And driven in gargantuan grimaces derived from annually flowering trees.

Selling a book which you don’t need to buy. Seemingly fresh but absolutely surprising because it contains old well-preserved relics.

Beauty emitted beyond all songbirds, love birds and giggling gangsters.

We home in on homeliness and the wild open, unexplored spaces between small corners.

Leave the gargling to the bubbling brooks.

A stream aiming to become a river soon.

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Surely they’ll give us the best room in the house, even if they have to sleep in the woodshed?

Of course.

Because it’s You.

How wonderful to be treated thus.

And how spectacular to treat guests that way.

We’ll send out the invitations forthwith.

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Grace and grandeur.

There are quality pairs and many will be lost to the lowest, the fine and good will be exalted by the highest.

Aspiring to the top, and laughing when a slip occurs say the wise children.

It’s a genre thing.

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