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Archives for October 2018

Surprising how many things can fit into one day, one hour, one suitcase, a hidden drawer….

Also isn’t it just fantastic how many people walk past a given street corner between five and six in the afternoon.

Some of them have never looked in our shop window, ever!

We are becoming sociologists and personal marketers while drinking one bowl of soup.


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We share a common bond, we communicate, and we fry eggs.

Or, someone fries them for us.

The bonds, the words or expressions, the shrugs or warm smiles, they all come on a silver platter suspended by warm breezes of content inspirations.

Deny nothing princesses and princes. Accept it all. Wave magic wands, wave swords of knowledge and wisdom.

We have the keys to the universe, and the doors yield to us.


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Drips and drops, buckets and emotional mops.

Sad, then glad, Happy then foaming.

the white line in the middle of the road tells a story. Nonsense!

How can a line talk, write or convey anything?

We imagine that the line knows?


Who knows?

It’s circular.

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Another way of cooperative collaboration.

Noodles were served to all parties simultaneously, and the last noodle was the Network Noodle joined and connected to all diners.

This is part of the Fodder Federation’s Network Noodling and Doodling Initiative to create Finer Festive Freeing Feeling In the World.

So very good to have designer influence.

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They are syndicating sunsets, and producing sunrises on Broadway.

In Paris and Tehran, Rome and Agadir, the Swedish open sandwich competitions have been more popular than visits to the Unger Cafe in Copenhagen.

Lights on the horizon were not ships, stars or aircraft (and it wasn’t me with a series of hand held fireworks).

We seek a level playing field.

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