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We are looking for truth in fluorescent colors. But it doesn’t always appear that way.

There are clowns we don’t like and very few we do.

Strange behavior is good, clowns have an evil tinge as if provided to make us guilty for being amused, fresh ideas come from the bemusing unusual.

Trying out, testing, tasting and viewing.

Now’s the time to buy.

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The best medicine was not roast beef, the pharmacy’s third shelf or a new government.

It was a white dress, a blue suit and a neutral agenda.

This prognosis was excellent.

Because they all lived happily ever after. Even the academics!

We float on polished boards and sometimes, the waves come.

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Love that look!

Padlock, chain and paint.

That’s all it took to be admitted to the hall of chic fame and fantasy.

Stripe with a touch of hi notes.

It’s all vibrato and style, thunder and bluster.

Pleased we set the record straight.

Let’s be academic…tell a joke.

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In an environment of smiles.

Skiing across the sandy beach it was decided to stop at the lodge. Everybody met one another and a leader was appointed.

The ski lift did not have far to go.

There were sand castles, espresso coffee carts, and people selling woven baskets all along the beach.

At the end of the day the tide came in.

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We have considered your case and we are very willing to provide you with a yacht, a new car of your choosing and a house on the hill.

The tennis court and night-lit basketball court are available but will cost you an orange, an apple and a pear.

The coffee is good, the staff each come from a different country – that is our rule – the tips are ferocious and full.

Please do not wait to be seated.

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