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Archives for July 2013

This is what Isaac Asimov wrote to Carl Sagan on his marriage to Ann:

“Be your lives bright as day

As the broad Milky Way

As the Big Bang with which all began”


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Is a “long” day better than a “short”one?

We call a day long when it seems to be so.

Often a day that seems short is so filled with challenges approached and successfully achieved, time “flies by”

Time is flexible as far as our experience of it is concerned.

Why not explore or imagine everything having the same elasticity…?

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Is it possible to cook with Love?

It is.

You can do any task with good feelings and a thrill for the result, a delight in each ingredient, move, stir, slice or dice.

When you do this the result is always perceptibly or imperceptibly, better.

The “task” will also be so much more enjoyable and satisfying as a result.

So go and do, with attentive positivity!

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Music can move weights and objects, certainly moves people.

Rain falling against closed windows leaves rooms inside dry.

Music seeps in through the smallest gaps, there is no waterproofing to stop it.

You can choose music or rain!

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Sharp teeth can be useful when biting into an apple or a tough cookie!

A soft touch is better when showing tenderness.

Although it may seem that in an ideal world we might always “get to the point”, there are occasions when suitable introduction and mood creation results in better communication. A superior result.

A sharp knife does not help when stirring a drink.

A blunt wooden spoon is not so good for cutting butter just out of the refrigerator.

Just a reminder!

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