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How something looks if well intgrated with how you can use it equals good design.

It’s – in the end – about Experience.

Think about this whole concept of design in the simple and complex things you use every day, from a can opener to a tablet computer.

Thinking about the design of things in this way helps you improve anything you do.

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Rain is welcomed in the desert regions where people are trying to grow a crop. But not in excessive amounts which wash the small amount of existing soil away.

Sun is welcomed by those with solar panels, yet in areas with the highest annual sunshine quota people find their solar equipment wears out sooner, than in cloudier climates.

Sail into benefits and lower the sails during storms.

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Some things of the greatest value to you are mostly invisible.

Air, even water, is clear enough to be unseen much of the time.

It is an enlivening practice to ponder occasionally what the lack of invisible, taken for granted, states and things would mean for you.

The first thing of importance after the basics of life have been earned is freedom.

Freedom is also invisible until it is suddenly taken away.

All of these can be removed slowly and imperceptibly, bit by bit, until suddenly – it matters.

Be a champion of freedom.

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Drink water

Eat fruit

Good ideas

Next decide which are the biggest ideas you have

Take a bite out of these each day

Sip and consider

Move and act


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Good ideas

Long walks

Friendly talks

Stay ahead of your own game

Stand and deliver

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