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Archives for July 2013

Smell the difference.

Taste that tune.

Imagine seeing the tone of time.

Today is behind tomorrow and it’s the best day to play.

Think and feel.

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Too much salty food?
Eat a banana.

Sweet biscuits and cakes?
Sprinkle generous amounts of cinnamon on them.

Eat wisely – be well!

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Something you know, would be helpful to someone else.
Something they know would, be helpful to you.

Even without being spies an exchange of ideas can be beneficial!

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Sometimes it’s a good idea to choose what everyone else ignores.
Sometimes it’s the best thing, as you will later discover, to select what everyone else rejects.

Everyone, including you, gets to know about the established, famous, predictably lush.

But imagine discovering the gem that moves hearts and mountains!

Take a chance based on your own choice.

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Look for things you “can’t find”.

Try things you “can’t do”.

Create things you “can hardly think of”.

Say things you “could never say”.

It’s just a beginning. And the good news is it gets easier.

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