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There are no limits when creativity, positivity and the considerable can-do art of the possible drive our thinking.

We can solve any problem, that’s the wondrous magnitude of human beings.

We may not do so. Clearly so far we have often fallen short.

But all it takes is a decision in each case to say yes, let’s create this, let’s solve that.

There are dangers – some natural, some unfortunate or ill considered results that are sad mistakes. But that’s all. Life is an adventure and never predictable for long periods, or predictable periods. But better? Always.

Whenever we decide upon it.

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Pronouncing the name of a street, the one you want to visit, in a language you don’t know – practicing it, it is difficult until you get there and all the sounds just fit.

Being there, where the thing you look for, could be just the language, lives and is part of the style and very air of that place….it replaces all the guide books, tutorials, and lessons.

Reading is good. It is. But you enjoy the moments of learning by being, doing and living so much more. Indeed books come alive when you have lived in some of those streets, observed some of the characters and even worked on the principles described by doing the dishes (as George Orwell did before creating the freshest gritty writing for decades, in his “Down and Out in London and Paris”, for example).

Today, going about the normal palaver of things, this concept might just change the prosaic and repetitive, almost-invisible, into a masterpiece of discovery and understanding.

And smiling lightly…the odd laugh, why not!


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The crisp crackling of crinkled fried cactus and the beautiful handwritten notes welcomed us to the gathering of minds and bodies.

We expected more select and rare dainties to taste and to accompany our toasts to success
and friendship. But in fact, this was the best it could be. Relaxed, yet charged with an energy of inventive optimism and the power brought by imaginative, novel solutions.

Each person was welcomed like a hero returning safely from a near-impossible battle.

Glances exchanged confirmed nobility and strength, warmth and understanding.

Then, games, music, and stories started, like the first turns of a Ferris wheel at a fairground.

No excuses, no apologies, only open hearts.

Years later, we felt it likely, bedtime stories would be told about this moment that spelled the end of the Dark Ages.


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We should be introduced and if not, we will do this ourselves!

Far from the center many great minds exchanged ideas through moving their lips and waving their hands.

We are many great minds exchanging ideas through moving our lips and waving our hands. We have much to learn!

We are a summary of all things we contribute and all things we have been seen to offer. Or are we?

We really know who we are and sometimes we make friends with that very person.

Friendship is a good thing!


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Before there was a carving on the wooden pillars there was cheese on the plate.

Six times she had asked the question, twice they had answered incorrectly, once got close and the rest were sheer humor.

So she set to work and found the answer in the afternoon of a sunny day.

No preconceptions – that was the trick.
And…we might add…the courage to be right or wrong with the aim to be right!

Fine afternoons are made of this.


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