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Archives for August 2017

Patience is good and bad.

Good – well I hope that’s obvious

Bad – it does not drive improvement.

Patiently and creatively enthusiastic, like a mill pond ready to become sparkling water.

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So they blew it all away.

The leaves were taken by surprise.

Lovers of all ages gazed into pools of promise.

We selected a ring of wise women and of wise men.

They did not speak up – we wished they would. But they answered our questions.

The evening undulated to Tamla Mowtown songs.

Thankfully, I still can’t stop dancing.

Is your dance card full?

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She applied intricate detail with every brush stroke and with the choice of colour.

The far distant conversations could be seen in these images. Brilliant as unmitigated sunshine and as convincing as certainty could be.

And yet, each idea was open to reinterpretation, discussion and debate

A footpath of learning and instinctive growth.

At the supermarket, we realised that clouds had formed over aisle twelve.

The answers to our questions were stacked neatly in the soups and pasta shelves.

Bring to a boil and simmer for five minutes.

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Above the fold, below the ozone sandwich.

These new thoughts and a very old piece of toast helped toward the discovery of Sendomak (TM)

Sendomak (TM) will cure everything.

It is also a new way of thinking, and a new influence on feelings and, an energizer that increases the absorption of nutritional elements from the bark of the Supidankertero tree.

Tell us a story and we will listen.



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Showing curtains and revealing history .

We are together today to celebrate sending postcards to friends all over the world.

Our enemies love us and we welcome them to sleep in the coal cellar.

They thank us.

We smile.

We sing a song we never wrote and enjoy its ringing and dinging.

Yet, in the morning the coolest, smoothest jazz played above the breeze, below the clouds and into the mountain passes.

Don’t hesitate.


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