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Archives for December 2019

Suggestions fell in like beer barrels rolling into the cellar of a pub in a city in northern England.

No leaks, lots of noise and a hint of brute strength.

Sipping some of the fine brews barely five minutes later, we had some Eureka moments.

Now that everything is solved, all is right with the world, we will go home.

Later we will make hot chocolate for everyone and tell stories.

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I was there, thinking.

Just that. Pondering and combing mind-moving moments to find something new to say…it didn’t need to be new.

Just change the words, make it easier, simpler and voila!

A bullseye! Vastly improved excitement and demand.

Coffee may be good but “Delicious Attentively Brewed” is so much better.

Make That simpler and I think we’ve Got It!

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Golden glasses will make the nectar better this time.

The bells, gently vibrating a call of calmed thinking, a song of nourished body and tingling energy.

Before every meal, minutes after the salmon-bronze sunrise, prior to joining the gang for supper, repeat the ding…let it bring the ring!

That’s it. Now you’ve got it!

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Pour the tea for me.

Thank you.

It is refreshing.

I am in a tropical garden.

Join me for tea and sympathy.

You will be pleased.

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Slowly and simply immersed and delighted.

I know where I am…where are you?

There have been times when such clarity has eluded me, I confess.

The aim I think, is to feel crystal clear, situation normal, thrilled and calm all at once.

But if it takes a one-at-a-time delivery of these to experience them all, so be it!

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