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Archives for January 2019

A drifting and blurry image delivered by pigeon.

Later it was electronic.

Then, the poetry started and couldn’t be stopped.

Spiraling upwards the smoke was a screen, not a signal.

We intend to link your thoughts and my comments upon them, to a blockchain, just to prove authenticity. Maybe! What say you?

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The little numbers were spinning.

It proved we had plenty of paid electricity left to use, or we were in a bingo hall, or a backup from computer to hard drive was in progress, or we were traveling fast on an open road and mileage was accumulating.

There were other possibilities, of course, but we won’t continue to list more.

Down at the old garage, two friends were building an electric rocket, a new toaster oven that was powered by thought and a musical instrument that read thoughts.

We must live in an active place. Full of activity, full of action.

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It makes such a difference. Sending a greeting a day or two early or late – I dislike it when I do so (in error of course).

But sometimes calendars “go wrong”. The old paper type were reliable, after all what event would transpose December one year to appear as January the next? Well, “at least it would be human error”.

This seems unimportant. That’s until the Superbowl or the World Cup soccer finals happen on the day nobody expects! Now you understand!

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Watching the waves build or subside in intensity, the runners hugged the strip of sand closest to the eyelash-like kiss of the sandy beach.

Dressed in the visible spectrum of colors, equipped with dynamic-spring running shoes and aerodynamic headgear, these sports personalities were a familiar morning sight.

The number of tourists gathering at this early hour of the day, many traveling across oceans and continents to see the spectacle, was increasing by the day.

Soon ice cream vendors are expected to assemble to cash in on this captive audience.

A new flavor with the puzzling name of “Runny Ruminations” has been announced.

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Having a nice day?

Not the most original or funny of questions.

It is recommended by the committee that you ask questions like “do you like wearing mismatched socks?” or “is the momentum created in the economy by a .25% interest rate drop a good thing on a Monday?”.

Other original questions such as ” do you need an oil change?” are not the sort of inspired boost to communication we are steering towards.

Committees can be unreliable in contributing to progress, but create a sense of importance for their members.

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