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Archives for June 2012

The thin beams of light they produce are getting thinner and “faster”.
They will provide stunning operative ability to remedy a large number of poor health conditions.

Lasers will also expand and speed electronic “chips” of all types.

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Rabbits, ducks and birds may appear
to have little in common – but as far as
most people are concerned they are always

Does that make them “outsiders”?

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One cloud can provide contrast with
the rest of a blue sky.

A grey sky serves to make and look
forward to a blue sky.

The blue sky is anyway, always there.

There, above the clouds.

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There is nothing quite like a Ferrari
being woven in and out of the traffic
on the Croisette in Cannes.

Believe me!

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Good ingredients must always be used.
Sauce is there to enhance, not cover, the
taste of food.

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