"Wisdom and inspiration: thought provoking, humourous, delightful, guru-like, quirky, energizing, enabling, challenging, alerting, awakening….the way individuals, teams and groups start every day as a Great Day" – The Replies Book

For three years I wrote a sentence, a phrase, a thought – something to inspire our team at the travel company I founded in Crete. Early each morning I left this as a note boldly scrawled in red, blue or green magic marker as the mood decided.  Everyone as they started the working day handed this around and read it, every day. I became addicted to this act!

At first, unbeknown to me, one employee started saving each day’s missive which was always titled “The Replies”.

Three years later I picked up a thick folder of these sheets of paper and started reading…

Some of these still inspire me, wake me up, get me out of any rut and into being able to think well, as Me!

That… to be a person rather than a company spokes-robot was the aim. The idea was to surprise, energize and have each person feel free of constraint and be able to empathize with customers from all corners and curves of the world as they arrived for their day of work

The philosophy of truly live, completely honest customer service, enjoying work and life more through giving great and personal service, was the foundation of a successful company. One where the blend of online and one-to-one niche travel advice was much appreciated, as revealed in hundreds of letters, from appreciative customers over the years.

We took the job of advising and helping to plan a one, two or three week holiday seriously. For some, this is the only part of their year they can “be themselves”, for others the only days of great enjoyment, as so many spent months in work they did not love or thrill to. These precious days were…well, precious!

Did arriving for work to read Roger’s words, The Replies, make all the difference? Actually, yes –  it really did. You try it!

Finally there’s a little bit of Alice-in-Wonderland in some of these daily missives – making you wonder,  helping you create new ideas.

Enjoy The RepliesBook, one reply a day – each one a stepping stone towards a volume to cherish, TheRepliesBook.

For Better, and for you,

Roger Ellman – The One Who Replied.


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